My name is Erica and I’m here to make your life a lot easier and less expensive. I’ve always been a couponer for as long as I can remember. I started off clipping coupons out of my grandma’s newspaper when I was a little girl. She taught me how to spot a good deal and which ones weren’t really deals at all. Surprisingly, there are a lot of “deals” that aren’t good. They’re the everyday price disguised as a discount to get you to come into the store, but they’re not deals. Some are even worse than that. They’re more expensive than other stores’ everyday price, but they advertise it as a deal so you don’t think about the price elsewhere.

My grandma taught me so much about saving money and being smart with your dollars. I owe it all to her. Every Sunday before church, we would clip coupons out of the Sunday paper and plot out our adventures for the week. It was so much fun and helped shaped me into the woman I am today.

Why iCoupon Blog?

smart-moneyWell, I picked this name because I do two things; coupon and blog. These two things have taken me far in life, and I want to combine them to help reach as many people as I can. Most companies charge way more money than they should. Greedy capitalists is all they are, taking as much money as they can from the poor so they can buy another vacation home in Fiji. Okay, not all businesses are greedy and they do need to save money in reserve incase they get sued or something, but some companies charge way too much.

With ridiculously overpriced companies, it’s mandatory that you don’t shop there unless you have a coupon. By neglecting to shop there unless you have a coupon or they have a deal, it shows them your demands as the consumer. Your demand is for them to lower their crazy prices or to have frequent coupons. When enough consumers demand something of a company, it happens. There’s one thing to note here. It only happens when enough people make the demand through their actions of how they spend their money, and if the company needs more customers.

When you look at a company like Apple, they’re not going to drop their prices anytime soon. They have a very psychotically loyal customer base that would buy a poop-covered iPhone and pay a premium for it. A company with a customer base like that doesn’t have to give in to demands of cheapskates. That’s not who pays their bills. With other companies, it works. Especially smaller local companies. I love local business owners because they’re so friendly and open to suggestions. They’re not as arrogant as these multi-billion dollar companies. They usually have a lot of deals, sometimes even every day. I post a lot of these on my homepage so they can be easy to find.